Most editors correct mistakes. Others suggest corrections. But few inspire. Linda Branam inspires.
— Scott Simon, regarding line edit and follow-up copy edit of Executive Thief (mystery)

You certainly did a thorough job on my manuscript, and I appreciate it. It took me several hours (days, actually) to correct my punctuation/grammar, and to consider and/or revise your suggested word changes, inconsistencies, etc. As a result, I accepted the majority of your edits. It was a longer process than I expected, but I found it to be a very positive and enlightening one. Thanks for your comments and compliments. It’s been good working with you, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do so in the future.
— Cheryl Devenney, regarding copy edit of Imperfect Harmony (romance-mystery)

I just wanted to again say thank you for your VERY thorough and honest assessment of my manuscript. I’ve been tearing this story a new one and feel a lot better about it. . . . I’m absolutely fueled by your review and your comments. I’ll definitely come back to you when I get this sorted out.
— Patrick Mulvany, regarding basic structural edit of Phoenix Rising (heroic fantasy work-in-progress)

Thanks for the great suggestions! It may take a little while for me to incorporate everything, and when I have time, I may need to ask a few questions for clarification, but I really appreciate what you’ve done. . . . ‘2 Thumbs Up’ or ‘Five Stars’ or whatever is the equivalent in editing reviews!
— Brad Frost, Sud n Clean Pressure Washing, regarding website edit

The edits were excellent. . . . Your comments are all very good and I think I’m getting them. I should have the copy back to you for the final round of edits after I’ve worked the kinks out of some scenes that seemed especially problematic. I find nonsequiturs [that you marked] come up when the character’s motivation isn’t clear, so I’ve done a few overhauls. . . . Making the changes makes the book move along much faster, which I think is great.”
— Amanda Albright Still, regarding line edits of
   Echoes of the Storm, Secrets of the Storm (historical mystery-romances)

I worked all day today and made most of the changes you suggested. You were right and I thank you so much for the input. I have already uploaded the newer version and feel better that it is more complete and more professional. Thanks again. . . .
— Mark Edward Hall, regarding touch-up editing of Apocalypse Island
   (paranormal thriller)

Linda is great at catching spelling and grammar errors. She also caught my own personal bugaboo—repetition. The best part is that, unlike some editors, she doesn’t come across as judgmental or critical!
— Valerie Douglas, regarding line edit of Click (romance)

Your short edit was very helpful, I can see what’s been missed when someone else points it out but it’s difficult to edit your own work. You have a lot of experience and your edits are very clear so I’ve got you at the top of my list.
— Laura Molina, regarding sample edit of The Red Moon (women’s fiction work-in-progress )

Linda is an editor without peer. . . . She is easy to work with, and corrections are business-like and compassionate, never harsh or rude. In addition to her excellent editing, she creates content and is a technical writer as well as a creative writer. In editing fictional content, she can help to develop story lines or provide feedback for the growth of characters or plot.
— Mickey Platko, technical and fiction writer

Linda is the best type of editor—a knowledgeable ally and partner. . . . Personally, she is always gracious and encouraging. I count myself fortunate to have worked with her!
— Lisa Adeeko, technical writer