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Note: A page consists of 250 words as defined by Microsoft Word.

A sample edit helps both of us decide whether we are a good fit. Sometimes writers and editors don’t share the same perspectives on editing, and that’s completely OK. If either of us believes that another editor would suit you better, I will wish you well as you continue your search.

Note: If we decide to work together, you are welcome to use my edits in your published work. A signed Letter of Agreement is required.

This sample edit gives you

  • Suggestions for making your bait irresistible.
  • The most thorough level of editing I provide: line editing plus fiction coaching. See Services for details.  
  • A FREE tip sheet on the Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word.

Ready to dive right in? 

Note: Your 4 pages must come from a completed manuscript–and not from your first draft. See 10 Things Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You–But Should

Using Microsoft Word, format your submission as follows: 12-point Times New Roman font, left-justified and double-spaced, 1-inch margins on all sides, and page numbers in either a header or a footer.

Fill out the Submission Form below. To determine the subgenre (category) of your submission, see Subgenre Definitions from Writers Digest.

When I receive your request, I’ll send you an invoice for $15 through PayPal, instructions for submitting your sample, and an Author Questionnaire. Your answers to the questionnaire will help me customize my service to your needs.

When I receive the sample, questionnaire, and payment, I will let you know when I expect to return the edited work to you.

Want more information? See Services and Rates.

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