Avid reader, passionate editor

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Linda Branam, Owner
Branam Creative Services


Although I have a BA in Elementary Education, with concentrations in English and Social Studies, I left teaching behind when I realized I wanted to concentrate solely on working with words. Since 1986, I’ve been refining my own writing and that of fellow authors–the perfect way to express my love of sparkling language.

I founded my company, Branam Creative Services, in 2006. Although my assignments have included writing and/or editing computer documentation, doing voice-overs for help systems, and writing newsletter articles, newspaper features, and book reviews, my favorite assignments have been for fiction editing.

Why? I’ve been an avid fiction reader since childhood. My first library card was a prized possession, and the books my parents bought for me were like treasured friends. Back then, my leisure time (including breakfast, when I read the backs of cereal boxes) was so devoted to reading that my parents had to force me to occasionally find other pursuits. My mother once directed me to “go outside and get some fresh air and exercise.” So I climbed a tree, found a comfortable perch, and opened a book.

I still love falling into a story and not coming out of it until “The End.” So I’m passionate about helping you provide the same experience for your readers.