Request an edit

Your submission must come from a completed manuscript–and it shouldn’t be your first draft. Make sure you’re ready for an edit. See 10 Things Your Freelance Editor Might Not Tell You–But Should.

Editing process

I edit in Microsoft Word, using the Track Changes feature.

Format your manuscript in 12-point Times New Roman font, left-justified and double-spaced, with margins of 1 inch on all sides. Put page numbers in either a header or a footer.

For your protection: If during the editing process I encounter issues that I believe are so basic or pervasive that you will not benefit from the package you requested, I will notify you and charge for only the editing I have completed. I may also suggest a package better suited to your manuscript. We will then renegotiate and sign a new Letter of Agreement.

Submission process

  1. Determine the subgenre  (category) of your manuscript. See Subgenre Definitions from Writers Digest.
    Note: I do not edit horror, erotica, or graphically described sex or violence.
  2. Fill out the Submission Form below, using the Comments box to add questions or comments.
  3. I will reply by email, sending you an Author Questionnaire and instructions for submitting your manuscript. Your answers to the questionnaire will help me customize my feedback to your specific needs.

After I receive your manuscript and the completed questionnaire:

  • I will assess your project and respond by email, telling you whether I think your story is a fit for me and for the service you want. I will also provide an estimated turnaround time. Please allow at least one week for this assessment.
  • After we agree on the particulars of your request, I will draw up a Letter of Agreement that spells out these details, including my payment terms (see “Payment” below).
  • I will submit the Letter of Agreement to you, and we will discuss anything you feel should be added or changed.
  • When both of us are satisfied with the Letter of Agreement, we will sign it.

I will add your project to my schedule when the agreed-upon fee has been paid.


  • Half of the fee is due upon your acceptance of the Letter of Agreement. The remainder is due upon completion of the project.
  • Invoicing and payment are through PayPal.

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